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Job Websites: The central government will make the recruitment process of jobs fully online

In recent times, the central government has taken many decisions related to employment Job Websites, especially government jobs. According to an earlier order, a special recruitment drive was launched for all the departments and undertakings of the Central Government for the handicapped, after which the Government decided that there is no interview for recruitment of all the posts other than official level jobs. Will be taken, only recruitment will result from examination results. After this the news came that the government will now share the scores of government exams of the desired candidates with private sector employers. And then the new news came that now women will be given permanent commission in the navy and women will also be deployed on Naval fighter ships.

The most pleasant news was that during the coming two years, the Central Government would create around two lakh new government posts Job Websites.

Now the Center is considering a recruitment process for the central government to make it online completely. This plan is based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious digital India program. Earlier, we had told that online forms have started filling up online forms, and there is a lot to be done, only then candidates will have real benefit.

According to this scheme, the government vacancies will be kept on the same portal and from there online applications will be invited. After the execution of this, applicants of government servants will not be obliged to pay bribe to revolve around government offices and get early verification, and will not have to go unnecessarily unnecessarily. Candidates will not need any government officials from applying for jobs to joying.

Candidates will not need to make direct signature on the application form. They will be able to sign themselves with the help of e-sign. At the same time, with the help of the government payment portal, we can also pay the examination fee online Job Websites. Yes, the candidates will have to compulsorily get the Aadhaar number and card, with the help of the same, the government will be able to identify the candidates and many types of identification can be overcome.

In fact, last year, the Indian government had formed several groups of secretaries of various ministries to implement new suggestions on various subjects and to apply them effectively, one of them was related to employment. The same group has recommended recruitment process online, which the government is considering.

Apart from this, the candidates will not be required to give certificates of origin or photocopies. They will be able to upload their certificates in digital lockers from where the government will get these documents online if needed. This will automate the whole process.

At the end, police verification is done, for which most of the candidates have to make ransom to the police personnel. To avoid this, the candidates will have to give an autographed affidavit. The candidates will have to tell that they have no criminal record. This will give them instantaneous joining and it will be done only when the police verification is done.


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